Coastal Clean-Up assists in educating public on responsible plastic use

Coastal Clean-Up assists in educating public on responsible plastic use

s part of the yearly initiative, Clean-Up & Recycle SA Week, which runs from September 11 to 17, industry body Plastics|SA says the yearly International CoastalClean-Up (ICC) day on September 16 is the highlight of the week, as it is the world’s biggest yearly volunteer effort to promote ocean health, with thousands of people flocking to beaches to pick up litter.

Plastics|SA sustainability director Douw Steyn explains that the ICC initiative was launched by the plastics industry and Ezemvelo KwaZuluNatal Wildlife in 1996 to reduce marine litter. A year later, the local plastics industry decided that the clean-up and recycling activities should be extended to the interior as well, resulting in the launch of Clean-Up & Recycle SA Week which is supported by various packagingstreams, retailers and other organisations.

Clean-Up and Recycle SA Week includes various clean-ups that are planned for schools, neighbourhoods, water sources and beaches around the country.

Steyn explains that environmental organi- sation Ocean Conservancy is the international coordinator of the ICC, but Plastics|SA coordinates the beach clean-ups in the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape provinces, as well as various river clean-ups inland.

“We are proud to partner with KwaZuluNatal Marine WasteNetwork members, who take responsibility for coordinating beach clean-ups at all the major beaches in KwaZulu-Natal. To date, nearly 12-million people have been part of this effort to protect the ocean, and South Africa is a major part of this success story,” Steyn points out.

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