We K Group of Companies are proud to announce our new partnership with

  • JMheaford Market leader in Plate mounting and proofing
  • JM heaford solutions. produces state of the art solution for mounting and proofing needs.

The equipment are exceptionally stable and efficient. Below are the some equipments:

1.Automatic plate Mounting Machine:

Automatic positioning of cameras, plate and mounting of the plate to the sleeve takes a radical and innovative approach to the conventional mandrel mounting.

The latest servo drive technology, 50x magnification monochrome HD cameras and accuracy of 5 micron, customer can achieve rapid ROI.

2. Proofing Press:

It checks cylinders at source and ensure

they are press ready taking account of all the parameters including ink and substrate. It ease the process of ink formulation and press approvals with excellent reliability. It eliminates the rejections of costly cylinders and reduces press downtime caused by cylinder issues.

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