SAMM Postprint


Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) Postprint

The semí automatic flexo plate mounter postprint is designed for the corrugated printing industry. It is one of AV Flexologic’s most advanced mounting machines for mounting flexographic printing plates onto mylars. The automated flexo plate mounter is being a leader in automation in the corrugated  postprint industry. The system is designed to mount flexo plates onto mylar and was developed in conjunction with customers to ensure that the feature list meets all the required check marks. The speed and efficiency at which it operates can only be matched by our other flexo plate mounters. The focus was geared towards meeting high accuracy standards, heavy repeating job runs and meeting high quality demands. The SAMM PostPrint ensures that each mount is accurate down to 5 microns and makes the printing process for an operator as independent as possible.

Image recognition software

Specialized software developed by AV Flexologic can “recognize” the mounting marks on the printing plates, which are used as the references for the mounting process.

The ability to measure the positions not only during mounting but also after plates have been mounted, provides endless possibilities to enhance a flexo printing production workflow.

Automatic positioning

Driven by the AV Flexologic software, the robotic table positions the mounting plate with high accuracy, each and every time.

After positioning the vertically moving cylinder automatically comes up.

Vacuum table

To ensure highly accurate positioning, the vacuum system fixates the plate to the robotic table before positioning.

Pressure roller

The roller is used to apply the plates evenly over the carrier such as sleeve, cylinder or Mylar.

The use of the pressure roller eliminates the typical “hand-rolling”. The feature saves time and avoids un-ergonomic working procedures.

Touchscreen monitor

For quick and easy job entry and job retrieval.

A fixed one-size-fits all mounting cylinder

 A computer controlled electronic motor directly drives the cylinder (gearless). The mounting cylinder is standard provided with a locking strip for the so-called Matthews or Bobst system, however other systems can be realized as well.

Vertical movement of cylinder (unique)

This feature enables a fixed focus of the cameras. It enhances precision and optimizes the workflow.

Digital calibration of camera beam (patented)

The camera images are used in a calibration procedure to create a lookup table to digitally ‘straighten’ any deviations in the camera beam, down to 10 μm over the entire width of the camera beam / sleeve.

Workflow optimizing solutions

The SAMM PostPrint 3000 is designed to increase the mounting speed of flex plates onto mylar in a number of ways. Aside from the mounting process that is streamlined for the corrugated industry to contain limited steps, the SAMM 2.0 flexo plate mounter has these features for measure:

  • Compatible with ESKO PlatePatcher and Hybrid Patchplanner software
  • Compatible with most PDF type workflows. The machine can import the output file that contains the positions of the mounting marks. The cameras automatically move to the correct mounting positions.
  • Connections with ERP settings for job entry
  • Barcode scanners to pull the job information with the coordinates from your database
  • Remote support through internet


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