Product Information:

The stretch hood system ARGON by Windmöller & Hölscher immediately follows the palletizer and makes the pallet stack fully automatic ready for delivery by covering a stretch hood.


This happens quickly, cost-effectively and with optimum protection against slipping, breakage and contamination. External storage is thus easily possible – even without further protective measures. A key advantage of the ARGON stretch hoods is their special stretch technology, which is suitable for a wide range of film thicknesses and especially plays to their strengths when using thin foils. The result is a specification-assured pallet stack with optimized costs and minimized resource consumption.


Technical details:

Length* 3100 mm 2050 mm
Width* 2250 mm 2250 mm
height 4500 mm 4430 mm
pallet minute400 x 400 mm;Max.1500 x 1500 mm minute800 x 600 mm;Max.1500 x 1300 mm
Max. stack height 3000 mm 3000 mm
Film thickness ** Max.180 μm Max.180 μm
power up to 250 cycles / h up to 100 cycles / h