Product Information:

The CONVERPRINT is a powerful machine for inline or offline prefabrication of FFS films. Raw sheet extruded as a flat tube can be printed, micro-perforated and anti-slip embossed in one operation, and converted into a gusseted tubing to prepare for further processing on FFS machines.

Technical details:

Flat hose width 26 – 72 cm
Gusseted tubing width 17 – 52 cm
Gusset depth 4.5 – 11 cm
film thicknesses 120-200 μm
machine speed Max. 120 m / min


Further product information

In the case of a production program with a low conversion frequency, integration of the CONVERPRINT into the extrusion plant makes economic sense. However, if frequent changes in print design or hose design occur, the offline solution offers advantages. In this case, the CONVERPRINT is equipped with its own processing and can operate independently of the blown film line.