Product Information:

PLATINUM is Windmöller & Hölscher’s layer palletizer for bags that have been filled using the FFS process and therefore works directly after the TOPAS SL bagging system. 

Both machines have a uniform operating concept and common standards of technical design without interfaces to third-party components. This considerably simplifies the internal processes in the packing house – from the training of machine personnel to slumping to maintenance and spare parts logistics.


Technical details:

palletizing * Max. 2800 bags / h
Pallet type ** CP1 – CP9
Palettierfläche Max. 1500 x 1300 mm
Stack height (including pallet) Max. 2400 mm
infeed height 3450 mm
Pallet outlet height 700 mm


* Depending on machine equipment and palletizing pattern
** Further pallet versions available on request


Further product information

The palletizer is modular in three power levels and available in a wide range of variants. This allows it to be optimally configured for specific bagging and palletizing situations. With max. 2800 bags / h he sets new standards for the palletizing of sacks. What sets it apart from other layer palletizers: This level of performance is achieved without any restrictions on the size range of the baghouse.