AVB-150/200 PL

Printing and laminating


  • One-sided and two-sided treatment plant inline to the printing or laminating unit
  • To refresh the activation made during extrusion
  • Can also be used as a web tension station with a pressure roller


  • AVE-120D
  • AVE-150CA
  • AVB-150C
  • AVE-200E
  • AVB-200E
  • AVE-250E


Optional metal and ceramic electrodes
Ceramic electrodes also allow the post-treatment of conductive films
Extremely low risk of breakage of the ceramic electrodes
Patented holders for the ceramic electrodes allow swiveling away in the direction of travel and radially when thickened
Compact design
Even cramped space is usually sufficient for installation
Metal-encapsulated electrode housing
Minimal interference, no risk of fire, large high-voltage distances, so that no flashovers or creeping discharges, such as with damp or soiled plastic covers, high value for a long time.
High voltage transformer mounted directly to the electrode housing, so no free high voltage power lines
no potential risk of electric shock, fire and interference
On request driven treatment rollers and pressure rollers
Avoids hatching and back treatment
Roller coating depending on the application silicone, ceramic or stainless steel
Discharge gap adjustable from the outside
Ceramic high voltage insulators
No risk of creeping or fires as with Teflon or other plastic insulators. High operational safety.