Cast film extrusion

Short description

  • Treatment of materials during the extrusion process
  • Mounting between edge trimming and winder


  • AVE-250FT
  • AVB-250FT
  • AVB-300FT
  • AVE-300FT
  • AVE-400FT
Stainless-steel and metal electrodes (Standard)
High performance, minimum wear
Cartridge system with integrated ozone extraction with either 5 or 8 electrodes
Low thermal impact of the foil, efficient ozone extraction, easy maintainance
Electrode system radially pivoting in running direction
This prevents the electrode system being damaged at incorrect edge trimming or foil thickening
Electrode housing with metal enclosure
Lowest possible EMC levels, no fire-hazard, large high-voltage clearances ensure that no flashovers or creepage discharges can occur through moisture or contamination when compared with electrodes using plastic shielding, long lifetime.
No potential danger of electric shocks, fires and interference radiation
Treatment and nip rolls (Order-specific)
Avoid slippage and reverse-side treatment
Silicone or ceramic dielectric
Spray gap can be set from the outside
Ceramic high-voltage Insulators
No danger of creepage discharges or incineration, unlike Teflon or other plastic material insulators. High degree of inherent safety.