Surface/center/gap winder with add-on capability for a broad application range

The FILMATIC S II is a modularly designed surface winder featuring taper tension as well as taper contact pressure control for automatic adjustment to the increasing roll diameter.

Technical specifications:

Film widths 1300 – 3600 mm (51 – 142″)
Film thickness 20 – 250 µm (0.8 – 9.8 mil)
Roll diameter max. 1200/1500 mm (47/59″)
Core i.d. 76 – 152 mm (3 – 6″)
Speed max. 300 m/min (984 ft/min)
More features

Equipped with these capabilities, the winder in its standard specification is ideally suited to a broad range of applications. When even more exacting demands are made on film roll quality, center and gap winding capability may be added as well as reverse rotation capability and a feature eliminating web tail foldback at roll changes. Other add-on features such as the vacuum cutover drum may be either supplied with the winder or can be retrofitted any time as and when the need arises.

The FILMATIC S II is available as a mono or dual winder. If the choice is for a dual winder, two versions are available with respect to the location of the draw, i.e. either on the floor for ease of operation or on an elevated platform, if space saving installation is of the essence.


  • Center drive
  • Gap winding function
  • Reverse rotation capability
  • Roll start without web tail foldback
  • Right-angled cut
  • Vacuum cutover drum
  • Tube cut blocking
  • Back-to-back or face-to-face installation