MDO* is a proven technology which saves resources, improves film properties, and optimizes films for specific uses.

With MDO from W&H, both cast and blown film can be stretched monoaxially. The process improves barrier properties and gives mono and coextruded films enhanced tensile strength and stiffness, better shrink properties, and increased gloss and transparency.


*) Machine Direction Orientation

Technical specifications:

Film width up to 3200 mm (up to 126″)
Number of temperature controlled rollers up to 14
Stretching nips 1 or 2
Stretch ratio up to 1:12
More features

The improved performance of MDO films translates into significant savings with reduced use of expensive raw materials, especially for barrier films.  At the end of the day, less material is used, which is good for both the environment and your bottom line.

MDO-optimized films can be used for a wide range applications, including barrier films,  breathable films for hygiene and construction, as well as films for heavy duty sacks, adhesive tapes, labels, stand up pouches, and food packaging. Additional applications are under development.

The MDO complements W&H’s blown and cast film equipment, but can be used for films from other sources. We offer a wide range of selectable variations include heating, stretching gap, conditioning and cooling rolls, which enable thickness, stretch ratio and other film properties to be optimized.