Mounting Machines & Supporting Equipments

Wide web flexo

Mount-o-Matic Direct Drive+ Pro (MOM DD+Pro)

The MOM DD+ Pro is our high-end motorized flexo plate mounting machine with efficiency boosting and cost-saving features. It is equipped with the unique vertically moving cylinder which allows a fixed distance of the cameras to the plate, so no focusing of the lenses is needed. Furthermore, the fixed table height eases the positioning of the plates even more. Motorized flexo plate mounting machine allows through its motorized features quick and accurate flexo plate mounting. The pressure roller ensures fast and air bubble-free mounting.  Through our HD Ethernet cameras and the 40” HD screen, you can ensure at every time that your mounting procedure is successful.

The machine provides benefits to an operator in multiple ways. Through motorisation, the flexo plate mounting process requires a lot less operator interference. The image recognition ensures mistake free processes which saves time and money. No air inclusions ensure the best print results. Multiple optional features enable the operator to have a fully individualised machine depending on the individual needs of the customer.