The Demounter is a machine designed to keep your re-usable flexo plates in good condition. The machine efficiently removes plates and tape from sleeves and/or cylinders without damaging them. A motor driven silicon rubber roller generates the required friction to pull plates and tape from the sleeve/cylinder. The rubber roller equally divides force over the entire width of the plate, as opposed to the edges, ensuring damage to plates is avoided.


Removing flexo plates from sleeves

Removing flexo plates from sleeves

The operator loads the sleeve onto the shaft (one-size-fits-all), peel approx. 2-3 cm of the edge of the plate and holds plate/tape agains the rubber roller. The only handling to start demounting is enabling the foot pedal.

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Removing flexo plates from sleeves


Cones to facilitate tape application

  • Highly efficient
  • Quick
  • Decrease costs due to damaged plates, allowing for a quick return on investment
  • Easy to use and minimal force required
  • Rigid steel construction
  • Plug-and-play