MIRAFLEX S – the Compact Class in Flexo Printing.

The MIRAFLEX S differentiates itself on the market with its compact size, easy accessibility and operation. The press can be tailored to printers needs, for example, by integrating mono winders instead of non-stop winders.

Given the trend to shorter runs and smaller packaging sizes, the market asks for a narrow CI flexo press able to run such jobs and still be profitable. The MIRAFLEX S from Windmöller & Hölscher does just that.

Technical Specifications:


Printing Decks 8
Print width 650/820 mm (25.5″/32″)
Print repeat 250–800 mm (10″ – 31.5″)
Machine speed 300/400 m/min (1000/1300 fpm)
Machine dimensions with mono winders (L x W x H) 9,9 m x 5,4 m x 4,2 m (32′ x 18′ x 14′)
Machine dimensions with non-stop winders 11,4 m x 5,4 m x 4,2 m (37.5′ x 18′ x 14′)
More features

In designing the MIRAFLEX S, no compromises regarding print quality were accepted. The extremely robust machine with satellite-positioned printing decks guarantees precise deck setting and adjustment. TURBOCLEAN wash up system ensures excellent inking and fast, environ-mentally responsible ink changes. The MIRAFLEX S was developed under the umbrella of GREENOVATION, W&H’s commitment to machinery that conserves both energy and resources. An example of this is the shortweb path of a MIRAFLEX S with mono winders – just 25 m.

The proven EASY family of modules for automatic impression setting (EASY-SET), automatic register setting (EASY-REG) and on-press color matching (EASY-COL) are, of course, also available with the MIRAFLEX S.