Low-maintenance TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E with electric pumps continues on a winning track

With more than 1,000 integrated TURBOCLEAN inking and wash-up systems in central cylinder printing machines, W&H has set a standard in the market. TURBOCLEAN optimizes the inking unit and allows the ink to be changed more quickly. This allows printers to achieve a higher productivity, especially with increasingly shorter jobs. TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E has been on the market since 2016: a sustainable variant with low-maintenance electric pumps. Around 50 TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E units have been sold since the Drupa 2016, which is proof of the high interest in the market for this future-orientated inking and cleaning technology.

Proven over many years – continuously refined

W&H introduced the first ink supply and cleaning systems with diaphragm pumps to the market some 20 years ago in the form of TURBOCLEAN. TURBOCLEAN led to significantly improved results for inking, as well as to quicker ink changes and a distinctive improvement in working conditions on flexographic printing presses. Since then, the first TURBOCLEAN systems have been continuously refined for an optimum ink supply, the best cleaning results, minimum loss of ink and reduced energy consumption. Today, TURBOCLEAN has established itself as the machine standard on all W&H central cylinder machines. The systems are adapted to the requirements of the printing companies. Different cleaning programs ensure optimum results, and various inking systems can be used.

Sustainable further development

W&H presented the TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E with electric pumps as an additional variant for the first time at the Drupa 2016. TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E works almost pulsation-free, and the pumps are permanently maintenance-low. The energy consumption of the TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E is only approx. 20% that of a comparable system with diaphragm pumps. In addition to the high profitability, the system’s sustainability is a major advantage. An additional benefit is the significantly reduced noise level.