COMPACT with automatic and continuous solvent feeding/filling

 Compact machine design  – high quality components – Integrated EX control board

The explosion-proof distilling plant COMPACT (photo w/o vacuum unit) automatically loads waste solvent from your dirty drum in the solvent distillation plant and replaces the well-known batch type machines. This small plant possesses a lying distillation boiler made of stainless steel, which can be simply cleaned after the recycling job.

To the plant a dirty solvent container is attached in the form of a bucket or a barrel. The plant fills fully automatic, unsupervised and with intelligent self disconnection. While continuous recycling process the clean solvent flows automatically out at the left side of the plant. An empty barrel can catch the distilled solvent.

Acetone recycles this plant for example with a speed of approx. 20l/hours.

Product benefits

  • Automatic and continuous solvent filling = No pour of solvents by hand any more! Fill level is controlled always constant
  • Horizontal distillation vessel = Easy cleaning of vessel, no expensive plastic bags any more, no tilting of whole machine necessary
  • Small distillation vessel = Fast heating-up of solvents, high distillation rate with small machine size possible
  • Integrated explosion proof electric panel with SIEMENS digital control inside = Automatic operation, Auto-Stop when no dirty solvent existent, Auto-Stop when over temperature, Auto-Stop when no thermal oil existent
  • Water cooling = Optimal condensation of solvent vapours even at high ambient temperature
  • Built according to newest European regulations High safety and operation standard