AD 8320 is the highly efficient and flexible multi-purpose valve bottomer for small and medium size bags. It is the first bottomer in the world to produce sacks with filling volumes down to 2 litres and specially suited to short run production with frequent size changeovers.

Technical specifications:

Sack width 18 – 60 cm
Sack length 25 – 118 cm
Bottom width 7 – 18 cm
Bottom center distance 18 – 100 cm
Sack volume 2 – 100 litres
Product speed max. 330 sacks/min


More features

Advantages include:

  • Flexibility with sack dimensions and constructions (filling volumes from approx. 2 to 100 litres)
  • High output (up to 330 sacks/min.) High output is also achieved when processing large bottom widths and sophisticated sack constructions; this is owed to the kinematic bottom opening principle. Max. packet frequency: 25/min.
  • Minimised down time through automated size changeover (CNC) and bottom patch printers with pre-makeready capability.
  • Maximised up-time through high operational reliability and low maintenance requirements.
  • Superb product quality because of advanced pasting technology, “Elastogrip” bottom width scoring system, bottom edge pressing, drum delivery system and chambered doctor blade colour units.
  • High level of operator friendliness and job safety.

Technical features:

  • Laterally movable tube aligner
  • Diagonal and bottom width scoring with rubber anvil rollers
  • Kinematic bottom opening principle
  • Two fully equipped valve units with optimised accessibility and servo driven paper web draws
  • Cantilevered paste application rollers, closed chamber glue units with direct drive ceramic coated glue rollers, glue level and glue usage monitoring
  • Transport system with easily changed transport rollers and cable cord transport belts
  • “Elastogrip” bottom width scoring
  • Zero shear bottom edge pressing
  • Bottom cap units with servo driven paper web draws and integrated highly dynamic PCS cut register controller
  • MINIFLEX 4-colour central impression bottom cap printer in sleeve technology with direct drives
  • Two drum delivery system, standard or compact design
  • Job safety concept in compliance with EU standards (CE conformity mark)
  • PC based machine control with PROCONTROL TS (Touch Screen) operator interface
  • CNC system including integrated job preparation function
  • Import and export of size data from and to other machines
  • Integrated CCS quality assurance system with electronic cam controller
  • Internet based communication with W&H Information and Diagnostics Centre (IDC)
  • Low-maintenance AC main drive, safety in compliance with EU standards (CE conformity mark)

In conjunction with a W&H tuber, the automated material flow systems TRANSYSTEMS, TRANSIFLEX or TRANS-TOWER and the ARCOMAT robot palletiser or, alternatively, the ROTASAC bag-on-a-roll winder, the AD 8320 bottomer represents a highly efficient in-line system for the fully automatic production of multiwall paper sacks.