Palletising of Finished Sacks


The world’s most successful robot palletiser for paper sacks. The ARCOMAT can rightly claim to  be a unique unit with an unprecedented impact on the automation and rationalisation of multiwall production. Nevertheless, the true key to the machine’s success lies in the revolutionary stack quality  it achieves, without which the performance and consistency of today’s automatic filling processes  would be unthinkable.

ARCOMAT is a 3-axis portal robot for palletising paper sack packets. It features PC control and state-of-the-art powerful servo drive technology.

Technical specifications:

Sack width 18 – 74 cm
Sack length 25 – 138 cm
Pallet dimensions 60 x 75 cm – 140 x 150 cm
Stacking height max. 250 cm
Output max. 33 packets/min


More features

User-friendly programming of the stacking layer pattern as well as layer sequence is provided via a graphic operator interface. The ARCOMAT features extensive peripheral equipment, including packet feeding with buffer store and packet alignment, automatic empty pallet magazine as well as stack removal and stack pre-pressing system. An inter-layer sheet inserter which serves to stabilize stacks with critical layer patterns is available as an option.

The ARCOMAT was delivered from the outset with a palletising table allowing the stack to be formed on a plane surface and to be instantaneously pressed – probably the most important innovation brought by this palletiser with respect to excellent stacking quality.

Since the market launch of the ARCOMAT, its performance has been dramatically improved to today’s packet frequency of 33 cycles per minute. This means that bottomer output can be maximised even with packets with a low sack count, which is often a requirement when flatness of the packets is a major consideration.