Centurial / RKW 1003

The high-performance slitter for aluminium strips

When looking for a flexible slitting machine concept that can be used from medium gauge foil up to heavy strip the robust tight-line slitters from KAMPF are the optimum solution.

The recently re-designed Centurial for slitting of aluminium strip from medium gauge foil up to heavy strip and the well-known RKW1003 for special heavy duty applications are based on a proven basic design. The KAMPF slitters are the ultimate solution for materials such as foil, fin and container stock, cable wrap, litho and brazing as well as can and can end stock. Fast exchangeable, robust slitting cassettes, quick lock winding shafts as well as repeatable process conditions are making the slitters flexible. Changes between different materials or slitting programs are done within minutes. Individual web tension control within the slitting section guarantees excellent slitting quality with scissor knives as well as with block knives.


  • Compact tight line slitter – no pit necessary
  • Direct separation of webs after slitting – no damage on the cutting edges
  • Rewind shafts diameter from 76 – 500 mm (3” – 20”)
  • Excellent slitting quality through separate tension control in the slitting section
  • Quick and easy change of slitting cassette for scissor and roll shear cutting systems, width from 10 mm upwards


  • Edge guiding or web center control
  • Lubrication system for oil, grease or wax
  • Gauge measurement
  • Surface inspection
  • Pinhole detectiion
  • Inline strechter
  • Integration of packaging systems

Technical data

Rewind diameter: 1,250 / 1,650 or 2,100 mm
Material thickness: up to 0,600 mm
Working width: up to 2,100 mm
Design speed: 600 or 800 m/min
Slit width: min. 10 mm
Slitting system: Individual pneumatic knife holders for scissor cut, Slitting cassettes with scissor cut and/or roll shear cut