Foil doubling

The Duplomat is designed for fast and precise off-line doubling. Design options are available for individual solutions in modern foil production. The off-line doubling with the Duplomat with exact cuts and speed regulated dosing of the separating medium eases the following last rolling mill pass and increases the productivity of the downstream processes, such as foil separating, slitting and annealing.

Main Features:

  • Fully automatic handling systems with empty spool management
  • Patented oil spraying system for even and speed related dosing
  • Oil mist suction and closed system for a clean environment at the machine
  • Sensitive and precise control system for contact pressure, web tension, speed, spraying system


  • High speed version with 1,500 m/min maximum web speed
  • Slitting dust suction

Technical data

Material thickness: 2 x 10 µm – 2 x 100 µm, optional 2 x 10 µm – 2 x 140 µm
Material width: max. 2,300 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 2,500 mm
Machine speed: max. 1,200 m/min, optional max. 1,500 m/min