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Two spindle with centre drive

The “UNICON” is the complementation of the successful and highly versatile Conslit series. The UNICON is a two-spindle machine with centre drive suited for a wide range of application. All usual packing materials such as hard and soft films made of PE, PP, PA, PET, PVC, papers and laminates can be processed.The Unicon is a roll slitter with material guiding from the top suited for working widths 1,750, 2,050, 2,250 and 2,550 mm and a finished roll diameter of up to 1270 (50”) mm. Based upon today’s requirements to be fulfilled by a highly efficient and operator convenient roll slitting and winding machine, especially such options have been added or new developed that reduce retooling times to a minimum, thus increasing the machine output to a maximum. Just to mention only some of these options: The well-proven ball friction shafts, laser-assisted core positioning, motorised finished roll stripper, and an optimised slitting section for all common slitting systems up to a fully automatic scissors cut slitting section.All control elements, electric and pneumatic components are easily accessible to enable a quick maintenance to reduce downtimes. The machine speed was determined at 800 m/min., and, of course, all the excellent slitting and winding quality features of our KAMPF machines have been implemented in this advanced machine.

This machine is equipped with individual winding stations with a separate contact roll. The principle of horizontal moving off of the winding stations at increasing finished roll diameter was taken over from the Universal series. A clear separation between winding tension and nip pressure during the entire winding process ensures a perfect finished roll quality.

The electric drive developed by KAMPF reflects our experience for decades in building slitters and winders. Easiest operation and a minimum of maintenance jobs in combination with an optimum monitoring are highly convincing.

By the way: with Unislit L it is now possible to slit materials even up to a width of 7,000 mm.

Technical data Unicon Label

Material: From paper/paper to film/film
Material width: 1,750 / 2,050 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 1,500 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 1,250 mm
Slitting system: Shear cut
Slitting width: ≥ 60 mm
Winding cores: All usual sizes
Machine speed: max. 800 m/min