Our performance package for your BOPET/BOPP/CPP production

The latest generation of the KAMPF slitting and winding machine Universal BOPET was developed to incorporate the winding principle of center drives with individual contact rolls in cooperation with the latest state of the art control system.

Rewinding is done shaftless on individual winding stations, which are center driven by AC servo technology with newest drive motor. This ensures the absolutely exact tension control.

The contact pressure is provided by individually operating light contact rolls, actuated by a most sensitive and precise control loop.

Absolutely precise control of winding tension and contact pressure – in dependence of roll diameter, speed and web width – leads to an excellent finished roll quality.

The design of the machine is highly future orientated. Electrical cabinets being integral part of the machine are avoiding any external cabling, the entire movement/actuation of the machine’s systems is done electrically or pneumatically – no use of hydraulic components.

A new visualization system which is self-explanatory reduces downtime of the machine.

Besides others these measures are ensuring that the user’s expectation of high performance in combination with best product quality can be guaranteed for many years of operation.

KAMPF Universal series video

Technical data Universal series

Material thickness: 10 – 100 μm
Material width: 7,200 / 8,300 / 8,700 / 10,600 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 1.600 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 1,200 mm
Finished roll weight: 2,000 / 3,000 / 5,000 kg
Slitting system: Razor blade cut / burst cut
Slitting width: 230 mm
Winding cores: 3″, 6″, 8″, 10″
Machine speed: max. 1.500 m/min