The slitting machine for film producers

The new KAMPF Unislit L slitter and winder is an enhancement of the follow-up  model in the successful Unislit II range of slitters for material width ranges up to 7,200 mm. This machine was developed in addition to our Universal series, especially for film manufacturers and converters who do not require the high speeds of operation of the Universal range, but who attach particular importance to perfect finished roll quality.

A suitable machine can be offered for every application due to the modular design and the various options. Consequently, by selecting the corresponding options, ideal machine concepts can be found for the manufacturers of CPP, PA, BOPET or BOPP films as well as for the manufacturers of metallised films or laminates made from paper/film or paper/paper.

Every original roll quality can be converted due to the most varied range of winding units and dancer roll systems. Whether slitting is carried out using a knife, bursting knife or shears, involving manual or automatic adjustment, our Unislit L is ideally suitable for your requirements.

This machine is fitted with single winding stations and a separate contact roll. The principle of horizontal pivoting of the winding stations as the diameter of the finished roll grows has been adopted from the Universal 6 range. Perfect finished roll quality is guaranteed by clear separation between the winding tension and contact pressure during the entire winding process.
The electric drive developed by KAMPF reflects our many decades of experience in the construction of slitters and winders. It is convincing because it is so simple to  operate, requires little maintenance and has an ideal monitoring system.

Technical data Unislit series

Material: Flexible films, CPP, BOPA, BOPS, BOPP, BOPET etc., laminates, special materials, e. g. BSF
Material thickness: 2,5 µm – 800 µm
Material width: max. 7,200 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 1,600 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 1,200 mm
Finished roll weight: max. 5,000 kg
Slitting system: Shear cut, blade cut, burst cut
Slitting width: ≥ 160 mm
Winding cores: 3″, 6″, 8″, 10″
Machine speed: max. 1,200 m/min