Winder Imperial

The machine for highest quality and best efficiency

The new generation of the non-stop winder Imperial is built on the established and proven design of Imperial winders running worldwide since decades. Increasing demands for speed, film width and finished roll weights made revision of the existing design necessary. The new series of Imperial with a mechanical design speed of 700 m/min, a max finished roll weight of 25 t and a film width up to 11 m is prepared for the future.

The unique features as active deflection contact roll (ADR), individual oscillation of the winding cores, auxiliary contact rolls and core clamping units were not only preserve but even further improved. New features like the new smart condition control of the contact roll, an enhanced cross cutting system and improved threading of the film reducing the waste production of the Imperial additionally.

Special importance was given during the design on a high accessibility and reduced maintenance of the machine and machine parts. The Imperial sets new standards in reliability and winding quality. Of course the drive and control technology is, as on all KAMPF machines, engineered by KAMPF, which guarantees the optimum interaction of the Hard- and the Software of the winder.

Out of a huge number of options we can configure the perfect winder for all materials like PET, BOPP, BOPA, CPP, PE, etc. and applications like capacitor film, packaging film, technical films. The Imperial stands for optimum quality rolls for the following slitting process at minimum waste.

Technical data

Material thickness: 0,9 µm – 400 µm
Material width: max. 11,000 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 1,600 mm
Machine speed: max. 700 m/min