Microslit Capacitor

Dedicated to thinnest film and narrow width

The Microslit series

Flexibility and precision!

Microslit CAP

The Microslit CAP cuts the thinnest of foils perfectly to narrow widths, in particular condenser foils.
The technological features of this special machine give you the opportunity to expertly solve product specifications. Finest quality products with minimum production tolerances are the result.
The Microslit CAP profits from the perfect interaction of the basic concept that is typical for KAMPF with the compact, sturdy construction, the excellent roll configuration for the special material channels and the most modern drive and cutting technology. The sturdy construction sets the stage for the so-called wave cut for the generation of a wavelike cutting contour.

The enormous adaptability and flexibility of the Microslit CAP and the use of efficient handling technologies guarantee maximum willingness to perform and minimum downtimes.

Microslit CON

Microslit CON, the new narrow cutter that ideally supplements the Microslit range. This machine expands and adapts your production range in the converter industry enormously. The comprehensive range of services of this development ranges from conventional converter application to processing new materials that are used in modern technologies. The Microslit CON is ideally suited in particular for processing battery separator film.

The Microslit CON is convincing due to the sturdy design of the machine and the highest quality cutting and winding results. This machine is characterised by flexibility and productivity.Operation of this compact machine is safe and easy. The removal carriage for the finished rolls and original roll handling reduce machine set-up time.

Technische Daten Microslit CAP

Material: Ultra thin metallised films for: PP capacitors, PET capacitors such as PET, BOPP
Material thickness: 1.3 – 16 µm
Material width: max. 1,000 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 600 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 350 mm (375 mm)
Slitting system: Blade cut, shear cut, wave cut
Slitting width: > 4,5 mm
Winding cores: 3″, 6″
Machine speed: max. 700 m/min

Technische Daten Microslit CON

Material: Special materials, laminates, high elastic PUR tapes, adhesive tapes, battery separator film
Material thickness: 10 µm – 250 µm
Material width: max. 1,300 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 800 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 350 mm
Slitting system: Razor blade cut, shear cut,
Slitting width: ≥ 5 mm
Winding cores: 3″, 6″
Machine speed: max. 500 m/min