Spooling Machine

Spooling! Why not?


Special slitting and spooling machines for small slitting width and long running length that are suitable for adhesive or non-adhesive materials. KAMPF spooling machines are ergonomic and operator friendly. The drive technology is tailored to the customer’s requirements and guarantees optimum slitting, winding, and spooling quality.

The design of the unwind, the slitting machine and the spooling frame is modular. This allows an unlimited number of spooling heads to be added in the future.

The spooling geometry can freely be modified because each spooling head has its own electric drive with dancer control. (E. g. conical, cylindrical, without overlap, distance to the core edge, etc.).

Technical data

Material: PP, PE and PET, metalised PET, refined paper, nonwovens, etc.
Material thickness: 10 µm – 500 µm
Material width: max. 1,750 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 800 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 1,200 mm
Slitting system: Razor blade cut, shear cut, crush cut
Slitting width: ≥ 0,5 mm
Winding cores: 3″
Machine speed: max. 450 m/min